Core Technology

The advanced technology of SNU Precision is opening the future.

Business Area

  • Fuel Cell Battery Equipment
  • Fuel Cell Inspection System

    Introduction Deformation of metal separator for hydrogen fuel cell, defect inspection equipment
    Feature Product inspection possible using proprietary optical system (Photoshape)
    Inspection item dented, bent, scratched, foreign material, gasket injection defect
    Application Hydrogen battery separator for automobiles and gasket applications
  • Fuel Cell Manufacture System

    Introduction Automatic mass production system combining fuel cell process equipment and logistics system
    • Stable process operation through automatic logistics
    • Overcoming the shortcomings of personnel work and independent processes
    Application Fuel cell automatic production field

    Introduction A system that uses Water-Jet Assist laser processing technology to convert CAD data of arbitrary shapes into CAM data, then vision-align the cutting standards and cut ceramic substrates
    • High-quality cutting without burr
    • Parallel cutting without thermal shock (HAZ) possible
    • No focus compensation required
    • Minimize the occurrence of taper on the cut surface
    • Laser source (laser source, power supply)
    • Chiller (Laser & Pump)
    • Ultra Pure Water: Options
    • High pressure pump / Degas device
    • Optical Head/Coupling Unit
    • Main machine
  • Sintering Furnace & Inline System

    Introduction Equipment that automatically inserts, discharges, and sinters ceramic cells of fuel cells
    Feature In-line and same in and out position of sintering furnace machine
    Application Sintering of plate-type SOFC cathode support method