Core Technology

The advanced technology of SNU Precision is opening the future.

Business Area

  • Secondary Battery Equipment
  • Semiconductor, LED, Secondary Battery, etc.

    Introduction Appearance inspection equipment for secondary battery batteries
    • Independently developed optical system can be used to inspect 6 sides of the product
    • Application of high-speed arithmetic processing algorithm
    • More than 99% reliability
    Inspection item Dent, Scratch, Contamination, Protrusion and etc
    Application pouch-type battery, polymer-type battery, cylindrical battery, etc.
  • Forming Depth Measurement System

    Introduction Secondary Battery Pouch Forming Depth Measuring Equipment
    • Non-contact inspection possible in a short time
    • 3D Profile can be created for the front of the pouch
    Inspection item secondary battery pouch forming depth, pouch surface wrinkle
    Application Pouch-type battery
  • Battery Sealing Inspection System

    Introduction Simultaneous measurement of width/thickness, synchronization for each sensor, synchronization for each sensor
    • Simultaneous measurement of width/thickness
    • Synchronization possible for each measurement sensor
    • Measurement area profile can be expressed
    Inspection item Measurement and external inspection of sealing width/thickness, sealing position, lead position, etc.
    Application Pouch-type battery
  • Battery Thickness Measurement System

    Introduction Secondary Battery Electrode Thickness Measurement Equipment
    • Supports both Stand Alone and In-line
    • 0.25um sensor resolution
    Inspection item electrode coating thickness, flatness, etc.
    Application electrode coating thickness, flatness, etc.
  • Assembly M/C

    Introduction Supply/stack positive/negative electrodes and insert them into the pouch
    – Equipment for final sealing after injecting electrolyte
  • Punching M/C

    Introduction Equipment that punches the electrode plate cut in a narrow way in the slitting process into the actual cell shape
  • Encapsulation M/C

    Introduction Equipment for manufacturing anode electrode by pocketing anode element and separator
  • Degassing M/C

    Introduction Equipment that removes gas impurities generated from the activated battery through charging and discharging and making it into a final battery
  • Component Inspection System

    Introduction Analysis of defects that are not classified by general vision systems using detailed spectral information
    • Monitoring of dry state of secondary battery electrode
    • Quantitative analysis of concentration and content
    Inspection item Electrolyte / Glue classification, foreign matter that is detected but not distinguished
    Application Secondary battery, display, packaging processing field, etc.