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CEO Greeting

A new challenge for the dream of World Best SNU Precision has begun.

Dear customers It’s a pleasure to welcome you to SNU Precision’s official website! SNU Precision is the first venture company of Seoul National University, and it was founded in 1998. Based on continuous growth and experience in display equipment, SNU Precision is expanding its business scope to measurement inspection equipment and process equipment in green energy fields such as semiconductors, secondary batteries, and hydrogen fuel cells through technological innovation and creative research and development activities and strives to develop equipment that customers are satisfied with and equipment that is ahead of customer needs. With this effort, SNU Precision will be able to become a global company and serve as the foundation for strengthening customers' business competitivenessin the wave of the fourth industrial revolution represented by the new Smart Factory. In order to become a trusted company, fair and transparent ethical management and reasonable standards are the basic management policies, SNU Precision promises that all customers, shareholders and executives and employees will create "A company with a reliable, hopeful future." Thank you.